by Eva AlbertiAnna LesnevskayaCarlo Marsili and Federico Thoman

About 2000 people have gathered at the Society of Fine Arts and Permanent Expositions in Milan to participate at the Election Night Event. Among them were 200 journalists, and Walter Tobagi Graduate School of Journalism was also on the front line to cover live the balloting and the Election Night Party. 900 bottles of Italian prosecco were being served making the night even more cheerful. While the first exit polls were being announced our team was conducting a live streaming with important guests involved. The first to speak was the President of Lombardia region, Roberto Formigoni, who is to leave the office soon. “The thing I envy to the American electoral system is the direct presidential vote”, he told us.

In turn, the Consul General of the United States in Milan, Mr.Kyle Scott stressed the importance of the strategic partnership between America and Italy. “Italy will remain the key ally of the United States, whatever the election outcome is”, said the Consul General Scott. Amongst other guests were also the Milan official in charge of cultural affairs, Stefano Boeri, as well as American history scholar at the University of Milan, Marco Sioli, and John Harper, Professor of American Foreign Policy at the John Hopkins University.

As the live stream concluded, the returns were as follows: according to CNN Obama had 123 electoral college votes, while Romney was leading with 152 votes. Slightly different was the Fox news tally: Romney had the edge with 149 electoral colleges votes over 127 of Obama.